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This is a powerful LED Light with an electric zapper all in one to cure the annoying insects we are all accustomed to! Very easy to  and operate, just think of the regular bulb you have at home. (Not compatible with dimmer switches) Simply turn the power off before inserting in any 110V socket. Once the bulb has been inserted, turn the switch on to activate both the light function and the zap function. To activate the zap function only, simply turn the light off and on again. To activate the light function again, toggle the switch once more. That’s it! Easy!! All flying insects that are so annoying and harmful are quietly and consistently destroyed with this  2 in 1 creative zapper. Simply the best and most convenient zapper for use anywhere and everywhere! This does its work perfectly and you don’t need to worry about any harmful toxins or chemicals associated with sprays or powders. It also eliminates any and all safety concerns for children and pets. Easy to clean if necessary, there’s even a free brush included to keep the zapper clean. Can be used year round for bright lighting and insect zapping anywhere indoors or outdoors. This is a must have in every home and office. Every living space and work space will benefit greatly from using this!


  • Convenience: Enjoy a summer without the annoying buzz of mosquitoes and insects. Can be used indoors or outdoors in any standard bulb fixture. Great for outdoor balcony and garden
  • Creatvie technolosy: 2 in 1 solution for lighting and bug zapping all at once! Beutiful bright LED light and separate UV light that attracts and kills mosquitoes and bugs
  • Economical: Save money on electric bills with this energy efficient light bulb and stop buying mosquito zappers and repellents
  • Options: The PestBlast bulb can be used as light bulb only, as a zapper only, or both. Just flip the switch twice if you want the zapper function only. There’s even a free cleaning brush included
  • Safety: Mosquitoes can carry terrible diseases. Lure and zap them before they have a chance to bite you or your kids
  • Lures, zaps and kills insects,
  • PestBlast 2 in 1 ultimate mosquito killer and pest control energy efficient

Product Details

  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Wattage: 10Watt
  • Dimmable: No
  • Bulb Colour: White
  • Application: Household/General purpose
  • Energy Efficient: Yes


REG PRICE 39.95 ! EACH !




LOT OF 2 @ 39.95  (SAVE OVER 50% OFF RETAIL) 
LOT OF 6 @ 69.95  (SAVE OVER 65% OFF RETAIL) 
LOT OF 12 @ 119.95 (SAVE OVER 75% OFF RETAIL)