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Complete Punch Tool: Unleash your inner DIY master with this comprehensive hydraulic punch kit! With a hydraulic punch, 6 punches and dies, a step drill bit, a sturdy carrying case, 2 draw studs, a piston shaft, a spacer, and sealing rings, you’ll have everything you need to attack a range of projects. The conduit fitting sizes range from 1/2″ to 2″. Max punching thickness for soft carbon steel plate: 0.1″ (10 gauge); Max punching thickness for stainless steel plate: 0.05″ (18 gauge).
Efficient Hydraulic 10T: Get the job done faster and more efficiently with our powerhouse hydraulic mechanism pump! The hydraulic mechanism pump produces 10T strong pressure, providing high punching accuracy and fast punching speed. Compared with standard wrenches, our knockout punch set is more labor-saving and efficient, ideal for completing big projects. The ram’s angle can flexibly change to meet your various punching needs. It is also perfect for use in narrow places.
Built to Last: Made from a sturdy combination of 40 Cr steel and 45# steel, you can trust in its strength, sturdiness, and longevity. The stable construction is suitable for heavy-duty and frequent punching works. With laser-engraved alignment marks, positioning is a breeze, and precision is guaranteed. Store and transport the kit with ease thanks to its compact, lightweight design and durable carrying case. It’s about time you knew where your tools were! No more missing parts!
Comfort at its finest: Punch with ease and comfort using our user-friendly knockout set! The innovative slug splitting dies make slug removal a breeze, leaving you with a clean and round hole every time. The convenient “on/off” knob on the pump allows for quick pressure release after drilling. The anti-skid plastic handle provides a comfortable grip while you work. And with its good tightness and no oil leakage, you can trust in a reliable and seamless punching experience every time!
Wide Application: Experience more versatility with our professional-grade hydraulic knockout punch set! Perfect for drilling holes in a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, and glass fiber, it’s an essential tool for any job site. From wire pipelines to construction sites, electronics to chemical industries, and everything in between, this punch set is the go-to choice for professionals everywhere.