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NEW Stainless Steel 18.5 gallon, 120 Volt, 2,000 watt, Dual Purpose Pro Scalder. Includes dial thermometer, dunk basket, heat element guard, Lid, and LED indicator lights. This full size pro scalder holds up to 18.5 gallons of water and includes a stainless steel drain. Thermostat will hold water from 86 all the way up to 185 degrees fahrenheit. We recommend scalding chickens at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for dipping birds to loosen feathers prior to plucking. Also ideal for sealing and shrinking poultry shrink bags as this baby goes up to 185 degrees. We recommend shrink bagging your poultry at 185 degrees. The trick to a good plucking is a thorough, accurate scald. This unit works great when you have chickens, quail, game birds, ducks, turkeys or geese to process, and with a 18.5 gallon capacity you can fit two large chickens at a time with ease. Heavy-duty, 120 volt 2,000 watt heating element for heating and heat recovery. Gets up to temperature faster than any other brand as ours has a stainless steel lid with handle latch to keep the heat in, along with powerful heating elements. This 120 volt model needs to run on a 20 amp breaker, and will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to 145 degrees depending on your starting water temp. Also needs to be a 20 amp breaker with no other items running on the same breaker as this takes 2000 watts to run. It measures 25.25″ tall x 18″ wide x 14″ deep overall not including drain (add 3″ depth for the drain). Dunk Basket estimated capacitys are: 3 small chickens or 2 large chickens or 1 large turkey or goose or 2 ducks or 12 plus quail per dunk. Designed to be set on sturdy level ground so you can easily lift in and out dunk basket. Includes detailed instructions “which must be read and followed prior to use”. “Do not start any scalder without water in the drum as it will damage the heat elements.”

Please Consider Our Features Prior To Purchasing a Scalder:

Do the scalders you are considering have a stainless steel drain plug? Ours Does.
Is the scalder you are looking at dual purpose and can it be also used to shrink bag your birds? Ours Is.
Does the scalder you are looking at have a lid with handle to hold the heat in? Ours does.
Is the scalder you are looking at stainless steel? Ours Is.
Does the scalder you are looking at have a stainless steel guard so your birds do not touch the heat elements? Ours does.
Does it include a dial thermometer so you can set your unit at an exact temperature? Ours Does.
Does it include LED indicator lights so you know when it is up to temp and ready for use? Ours Does.
Does it have an easy to use stainless steel dunk basket with handles? Ours Does.
Does it have a good working height design with rubber feet for proper work height with no stand required? Ours Does.
Does it weigh under 35 pounds so it can easily be transported by one person? Ours Does.
Are the scalders you are considering this feature packed, stainless steel and as affordable as our Pro Scalder?