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NEW 28W Full Spectrum E27 LED Grow Light Hydroponic for Flowering Plants

1 @ 7.99
PACK OF (4) @ 19.95 EA ($4.99 EA)


Energy saving,28Watt Equivalent and Actual Power Consumption just about 6~9W,Saving your electricity bills

Build with heat-sink metal aluminum keeping high intensity temperatures at the appropriate level for plant growth and protection.Low power consumption as light is fully absorbed by plants.

his light can provides the most efficient wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis performance hence improving plants’ healthy growing.Add extra sunlight to the plants, stipulate the photosynthesis; help shorten the growth cycle.


Type: New designed 28W Full Spectrum LED grow light
LED Chip: 5730SMD
LED Chip Quantity: 28Pcs: 15Pcs Red+7Pcs Blue+2Pcs White+2Pcs Warm White+1Pcs IR+1Pcs UV
Wavelength band range: blue light (430~440nm, 450~460nm) / red light (610~615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm) / white light /warm white light / UV (380~400nm)/ IR (730nm);

Add light to plants, stipulate their photosynthesis; help plants absorb nutrients, especially some trace elements; shorten the growth cycle; prevent the rampant growth of plants.

Body temperature: less than 60°C
LED working temperature: less than 65°C
Working Voltage: AC 85~265V
Base Type: E27
Beam Angle: 160°
Product Size: E27: 49x66mm
Material: Aluminum+PC
Warranty: 2 Years
Certification: CCC,CE,FCC, RoHS
Application: indoor garden, pot plants, garden, seeding, breeding, farmland, spray plant, greenhouse plants, pipeline cultivation, flowering, etc.


How does the specific wavelength work:

* Blue(wavelength: 400nm ~ 520nm): Help plants grow
* Red(wavelength: 610nm ~ 720nm): Help plants sprout and flowering , and is the key for flowering plants
* IR(wavelength: 730nm): IR can help plants grow; UV(wavelength: 380nm): UV can help plants grow and kill insects.
* Best lighting time: 8-12hrs