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New Alarm Lock Combines locking function with alarming function.
Built-in movement triggered alarm, which can emit loud sound when the lock is hit or shaken.
Adopts MCU core procedures, high-tech integrated circuit and digital sensor chip.
Can be set to two states: mechanical lock and alarm.Low false alarm rate. Low power consumption.
Can be used on door, window, bicycle, container, motor bike, tricycle, pull gate, garden, etc.
110dB with 3 Keys


1 @ $12.95 EA

Sold in lots of 3 UNITS

3 @ $29.95 EA


Sold in Lots of 10 units

10 @ $79.95 EA



Heavy duty premium circular disc padlock with 2 keys
Constructed of heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless steel
Diameter of lock is approximately 2-3/4″ (70mm); opening under bolt is approximately 3/4″
Resists sawing or cutting with its stainless steel body and hardened steel shackle

Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Round 2-3/4″ Disc Padlock (with keys). This quality Red Hound Auto stainless steel 2-3/4″ circular padlock has been made from the highest quality industrial grade materials. Resists sawing or cutting with its stainless steel body and hardened steel shackle. Weather and rust resistant. Lock includes 2 keys. Plus, the product is covered by a 1 year warranty! Size- 2-3/4″ diameter lock. Material – Heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless steel. Applications – Great for protecting your tools, equipment, sheds and storage areas.

1 @ $5.59 EA
5+ @ $4.59 EA


H. D. Universal Cast Steel coupler lock;

Resists picking and prying, Rust and corrosion resistant;

Easy to install and remove;

Fits hitch sizes 1-7/8″, 2″, and 2-5/16″;

Come with 2 keys.


1 @ $23.95 EA
2 @ $20.95 EA
5 @ $18.95 EA