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Freaking Amazing Rock Lights

COMPARE AT $289.95
SALE $109.95

The RGB Rock Light featured of RGB 16 million colors, timing function, music mode and Bluetooth control, can be used as rock lights, emergency lights, and really just about anything else you can think of when you need RGB lighting on your vehicle. But it is not only used for vehicles, but also for interior light, dome light, neon light LED, yacht light, etc. If you’re going to hold a music party, dancing party, yacht club, film festival, annual meeting, night racing festival, then the Mictuning rock light is your best choice that makes it amazing!

Marvelous Sparkling Like Your Sunshine
DC 12V-24V input voltage, 2A x 3pcs cree chip output power, 500 Lumens and its total brightness reaches 8 grade, extremely bright and efficient. You can control the brightness of the lamps by connecting the Bluetooth device with your mobile phone Brightness is super good and very wide, and even beam exceeds your expectations!

DIY Personalized Dynamic/Static Scenes

There is up to 15 scenarios can be set in advance after you install the BLE Dim App. The change speed, brightness and stroboscopic speed of this wonderful rock lights are adjustable according to your personal preference. They can change fast and strobe extremely well, or slowly as your set rhythm. All LEDs are lighting as you designed!

Tailored Your Own Music Affair!

There is a Music Mode for you to control your own music playlist while you’re enjoying the unique lighting, which brings you a perfect experience as if you’re listening to the live concert. The Mictuning RGB Rock Light is just for you to customize your own fancy!

Indestructible Lighting Kit

Having passed the CE certification and reach IP68 waterproof standard, the solid aluminum construction rock lights with toughed glass that make these lights highly resistant to impacts. The cords are made of superior quality with the length of 135.8 inches, long enough for various using. The possibilities are endless!”

1.Bluetooth Controlled & Timing & Music Mode, compatible with iOS 7 or Android 4.3 above, perfectly suits to install on your Motorcycle, Off Road Truck, Car, Boat, Dome, etc

2.RGB 16 Million Colors DIY Effect & High Power, as long as you install the BLE Dim APP, you can set your own lighting scenarios in advance by adjust the change speed, brightness and stroboscopic speed.

3.IP68 Waterproof & Rock Solid Construction, die-cast aluminum housing with toughed glass, Shockproof / Dust-Proof / Rust-Proof.

4.2 Types of Mounting Pads included, for easy wiring assembly and connection to the lamps/cree.

5.Extremely Easy Installation: scan the QR code to download BLE Dim app for installation, following the instruction and connect the Bluetooth device to set your own lighting effect

Kindly Reminder:

1,Please scan the QR code from the manual or the box to download the app and install it. We no longer use the app “Bledim”Some also not use the app”RGB Remote”, so please follow the instructions to install.

2. Please finish the connection of the LED light fixtures first before connecting to the power source, or it may probably burn out the LEDs.

3. Please avoid only connecting a single LED light or 3 ones to the power source due to the high voltage may burn out the LEDs.

Package List:

8xLED Rock Lights

1xWire Connector


Input Voltage: DC 12-24V

Output Power: 2A*3, common Anode

Control Mode: mobile phone + infrared direct control

Grey Scale: 256*256*256

Total Brightness Level: 8 Grade

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

IP Grade: IP 68

LED Cord Length: 135.8”

Dimensions: 1.45”x2.75”x0.83”


Off Road Rock Lights
Back up Reverse Lights
Daytime Running Lights
Boat Lights